Wednesday, March 28, 2007

closing time...

i'm shutting down this place.
i liked what it was, but i'm running out of records i don't have to edit to put here, an i'm running out of time to edit the rest. another reason: if you're into bootlegs seriously, try a dime a dozen. they've got almost everything, including a large collection of jazz, and it's getting more every day. plus, it's based on bittorrent. and the stuff is top quality most of the time. having discovered this, i saw no point in using this blog+rapidshare format. i'm sorry i am leaving, but it's been fun to me and i hope to you too.
thanks for your time,

Monday, October 30, 2006

jaleel shaw live at fat cat billiards

here's a live recording of alto saxophonist jaleel shaw from the fat cat billiard, featuring mark turner on tenor saxophone. i like it very much, but hear for yourself. jaleel got the ASCAP foundation young jazz composer award for the composition they are playing on the first track. also check his album "perspective".

jaleel shaw, as
mark turner, ts
matt penman, b
johnathan blake, dr

1. the heavyweight champion
2. in 3 (divided we fall)
3. lover

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

some more days, please

i'll continue posting concerts here in some days, sorry for the time off. i've been pretty busy the last months.
please report any dead links. thanks and stay tuned!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

brad mehldau trio live in lausanne, switzerland

a new one of the brad mehldau trio, recorded in lausanne in 2003. as i said, the songs they play here are also on the tallinn recording i posted yesterday. great playing, so enjoy.
personnel is the same.

1. august ending
2. skippy
3. tres palabres
4. fifty ways to leave your lover
5. dreamsville

Saturday, May 27, 2006

brad mehldau trio live in tallinn

this is the brad mehldau trio playing the sakala concert hall in tallinn. tomorrow's entry will feature a concert of the same trio, recorded in lausanne, switzerlans also in 2003. some tunes on that are the same, so you can compare an get a good impression of their improvisational skills. i think tomorrow's concert is from the same tour.

brad mehldau, p
larry grenadier, b
jorge rossy, dr

1. august ending
2. skippy
3. tres palabras
4. get happy
5. dreamsville
6. everything in it's right place

Friday, April 21, 2006

kurt rosenwinkel group (w/ mark turner) at the nefertiti in goteborg, sweden april 18, 2005

here and here is a capture of the concert the kurt rosenwinkel group on april 18, 2005, featuring my favourite tenor saxophone player, mr. mark turner. i really like the way kurt and mark are playing together, so check out their recordings, especially kurt's "the next step" and mark's "dharma days" and "ballad session". also be sure not to miss FLY trio, a collective led group by mark turner, bassist larry grenadier and drummer jeff ballard - the best trio in the world.
personnel on this date is kurt rosenwinkel, g, mark turner, ts, alberto sanz, p, joe martin, b, ari hoenig, dr.
total length: 77:43
revised tracklist (thanks to an anonymous commentator):
1. swedish announcement 0:27
2. turns (rosenwinkel) 14:26
3. milestones 13:47
4. path of heart (rosenwinkel) 14:37
5. zhivago (rosenwinkel) 16:16
6. jacky's place (turner) 8:39
7. eyes so beautiful as yours 9:28

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

chris potter live in la palma (spain) 10-07-2002 1st set

here's another recording of the great chris potter quartet, again with kevin hays on keys, scott colley on bass and bill stewart on drums and cymbals. unfortunately i just have the first set, so if anyone has the second, leave the link in the comments an i'll post it. enjoy!

length: 1:07:27, bitrate: 128kbps
1. megalopolis
2. washed ashore
3. io
4. unknown song (mail me if you know)
5. 7.5

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

wayne shorter & ndr bigband at jazzbaltica 2002

here's the ndr bigband feat. mr. wayne shorter on tenor and soprano saxophone, recorded live at jazzbaltica in salzau on 7/7/2002. sorry, no tracklist. if you recognize one or more compositions, please let me know.

length of recording: 47:23, bitrate: 224

i just realized...

...that this name wasn't my idea. check this out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

chris potter quartet live at the london jazz festival

here's my first real post - a live capture of the chris potter quartet, featuring kevin hays on keys, scott colley on bass and bill stewart on drums. three of the four compositions can also be found on the great live album "lift - live at the village vanguard" by the same quartet - check it out.
according to the filename it was taken at the london jazz festival 2002 by somebody i don't know. dunno if this is right, 'cause i couldn't find this greoup on the only lineup i could find on the web. instead there they say chris potter played with the brad mehldau trio (which is not the case on this recording). if you have any more information, please write me (the20grand at gmail dot com).

total length of recording: 47:59, bitrate: 256 vbr
compositions played:
1. nouveau (15:10)
2. migrations - any moment now (17:58)
3. 7.5 (14:51)

-- apparently this has been a radio broadcast on bbc radio 3's "jazz on 3" program. thanks for this info, mark.

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